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    The First Annual KROQ Reunion was held August 4th at the Pasadena Hilton Hotel, as was a success! We had the likes of Dr. Demento, Shadoe Stevens, Raechel Donohue and Frazer Smith on stage with stories of their early KROQ days.

The Insane Darrell Wayne Writes:

    Any time you can have Dr. Demento, Raechel Donohue, Shadoe Stevens, and Frazer Smith share the same podium and reminisce; the experience will endure. It was a powerful night for LA radio. There were times that the uphill battle to put this together seemed overwhelming. Chuck Randall and Jed the Fish pointed out that I was passionate about KROQ as an image and philosophy when I worked there, and this event took on the same significance in my mind.

    There were 180 attendees, many of which were the voices from well over thirty years of broadcast over 106.7 FM as both KPPC and KROQ. The response I received both at the event and through e-mails and phone calls on Sunday indicate that we scored a home run. Most folks want to know about next year. We’ll have to see about that. No matter what, it will have to be cheaper. We will make the event poster, collected audio clips, pictures, and video available through the web site at, which will continue. As they say, Stay Tuned.

KROQ Reunion
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