Commercial Hood Cleaning Requested Prior to Event

As previously mentioned, we’re prepping for the 3rd annual KROQ reunion party at Club Lava in Upstate New York. We’ve got the electrical issues from last month all worked out and now we’ve moved on to the kitchen area. With more than 300 guests expected to attend, we’re going to be grilling a lot of greasy foods. French fries, hamburgers, and Chinese food have all made the final menu. The only problem is that when a restaurant or commercial kitchen does a lot of heavy grilling, there is bound to be an abundance of FOG – cooking fats, oils and grease. Pouring grease down the drain is not a good idea for several reasons. It causes backups and clogs the drains, and it is terrible for the environment. FOG also clogs sewer pipes and can cause blockages which then results in massive fines from the city. Some eateries install grease traps to help capture the overwhelming volume of grease for removal. The other option is to simply let the grease dry and scrape it off to be thrown in the trash. Restaurant hood cleaning companies are often charged with installing, maintaining, and emptying grease traps. In addition to grease trap maintenance, a commercial hood cleaner services kitchen vent hoods and ducts to ensure all grease is removed from the surfaces. The kitchen area is a mess from the previous event we hosted, the hood cleaning company was our first call. They stopped in on Friday at 11:30 AM to inspect the cafeteria and make sure it was up to health code standards. After that, they washed down the air ducts, cooktops, stoves, ovens, and the vent hoods above the grill with a special cleaning solution. Now, everything is sparkling and ready to go. For the first hour of the event, we plan to serve burgers and fries. After that, we bring out the hard liquor and change the food menu over the Chinese food. If you’d like an invite, reach out to our staff.