Electrical Issues at the New KROQ Venue

Fellow listeners, as you know we’re already planning the 3rd annual KROQ reunion party. This year, we’ve selected Club Lava at Turning Stone Resort and Casino in Upstate New York. The venue is a 3,000 square foot high-energy dance club with famous guest DJ’s like Paulie D at one point, and other interesting performances. There’s a long hallway in the front prior to the coat check-in. Upon entering, you’ll see a fully-stocked bar to the right, a semi-circle of tables with half-booths, and a stage. To the left, there’s a spiral staircase that goes up to a VIP lounge and the 2nd bar. This of course will be roped off.

As we were setting up the stage audio, we noticed that the speakers on the right side were not connecting. It appeared to be an electrical issue, so we started testing outlets. The 7 outlets were not getting any electricity at all. The lights started malfunctioning as well. I’m no electrician, so I popped open the phone book and started calling. I spoke with 11 different electricians about repairing the wiring and potentially updating the circuit board, and all of the quotes I received were absurd. One commercial electric company said $11,000. Frustrated, I called some friends in Albany, who recommended Albany Electricians. I found their electrical contractors online at www.albanynyelectrician.com and hired them to replace the outlets and wires, check the circuit board, and install new lighting for the entire space. Their team was surprisingly efficient. They showed up in 2 hours, inspected the electrical outlets, found the issues, and replaced everything before dinner. It saved me a lot of time and money simply hiring the professionals to do it. My business partner was trying to do the electric work himself and that was a joke. He’s probably the reason why the lights were flickering. When we throw a banging party, we need working disco lights and all that.