Our History

The KROQ show is a California-based broadcast of alternative rock music that’s streamed all over LA. The KROQ reunion is the reuniting of all of your favorite radio DJ’s for one epic party at Playhouse Hollywood each year. With the COVID situation ruining parties across the state for the past 14 months, we’re planning something epic for the end of 2021. Assuming everyone can get there hands on the vaccine, we’re hosting a massive party with more than 3,000 guests in attendance. DJ Kalz will be on stage spinning alternative rock beats with a bit of EDM thrown in for the younger crowd. I’m sure we could keep the rock music by itself, but the quality of disc jockeys in attendance is going to be off the charts, so they’ll be taking turns on stage every hour.

In the past when we’ve hosted these types of events, the venues were too small. The attendance was fantastic because so many people listen to the show, but the buildings and space was not enough. People would run out of chairs and end up having to stand, the bartenders were getting overwhelmed with drink orders, guys were knocking go-go dancers of the tables. Things got out of hand. And to make matters worse, bouncers were nowhere to be found. There was also a major insurance concern because of the outside fire pits. Just off the dance floor sits 7 fire pits surrounded by furniture. It’s a great seating area and feels like a cool experience when you’re checking it out, but the furniture was flammable. We endured multiple lawsuits where people got burned in a matter of a week because they simply had too much alcohol. The team is certainly not removing the fire pits, so instead, we’ll be instituting waivers that everyone will sign upon entry.