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Bean: (of Kevin and Bean, current Mornings at KROQ)
Fran: (Fan)
Remedial Scott: (Loveline)
Alan, Bernie: KFAC, 1971-72 and 1987-88; KPPC/KROQ, 1972-73; KLVE, 1973; KVFM, 1973; KEZY, 1976; KOST, 1979-82; KZLA, 1982-84; KKGO, 1990-91. Bernie is the voice of PBS' KCET.
Alexia KROQ, KWST, Alexia now runs a mobile DJ service in Santa Rosa, CA
Alpert, Lee: KROQ, 1986-89. Lee is an L.A. attorney who participated for three years in the "Loveline" show on KROQ, providing legal perspective.
Alvy, Ted: KFWB, 1967; KVFM, 1967; KPPC, 1968 and 1970-71; KMET, 1968-70 and 1973-76. Ted is writing a cybernovel and paperback titled, 60's L.A. Underground Radio: I was a Teenage Disc Jockey featuring the adventures of B. Mitchel Reed.
Angotti, Roberto: KNAC, 1982-85; KROQ, 1989. Roberto is promoting reggae bands and helping out a student-run station in Sacramento.
Banister, Raymond: KROQ, 1980-2000. Raymond left his air shift in the mid-1990s and now does production work.
Barnes, Artie: (Barnes & Barnes)
Beach, Sandy: (Regent Broadcasting Eng. ex-ROQer)
Bender, Marty: KROQ. Marty is program director at WFBQ-Indianpolis.
Bennett, Frank: (Ex-KROQer, currently 15 years PM Drive in SF Bay area)
Bingenheimer, Rodney: KROQ, 1976-2000. Rodney has always seemed a step ahead of various trends from the English invasion to glitter to punk rock. He has been dubbed "Mayor of Sunset Strip" and owned the English Disco. He's worked at KROQ weekends for decades.
Boehm, Fred: (Fan)
Bombalicki, Gary: (ex-ROQer)
Bookasta, Gary: Put together original licensees, active from 1972-1979, now film producer in So. Cal.
Bradley: KROQ, 1997-98; KYSR, 1998-2000. Bradley works swing at "Star 98.7."
Britton, Boyd R.: KKDJ, KIIS, KTNQ; KWST; KHTZ; KNWZ; KROQ, 1987-2000. Boyd, as Doc on the Roq, is the news director at KROQ and works morning drive.
Cassandra: KROQ, 1983. Cassandra Peterson acts as the "Mistress of the Night."
Carlisle, Dan: KWST, KROQ, 1979; KLOS, 1981-83. The founder of Creem magazine writes and produces MJI Broadcasting's classic rock show prep.
Carpenter, Craig: (KXMX - Orange County ex-ROQer)
Chappe, Jeanne: KNAC from 1974-75, KPRI in 1975, KROQ from 1977-78, KGAB from 1979-80 and KBBQ from 1981-83.
Clarke, John: (Ex-KROQer, KCAL TV9 News)
Clean, Steven: KPPC, 1971; KMET, 1973-75. Steve is living in Minneapolis.
Dahl, Steve: KPPC, 1972-73; KKDJ, 1973. Steve works at WCKG-Chicago.
Demento, Dr.: KPPC, 1970-71; KMET, 1972-87; KLSX, 1987-93; KSCA, 1994-97; KLSX, 1998. His syndicated zany show is heard in syndication.
Donahue, Raechel: KMET, 1968-76; KPOL, 1977; KWST, 1978-83; KROQ, 1984-86; KIIS, 1984-87; KLOS, 1986; KSRF, 1988; KMPC/FM/KEDG, 1988-91; KOCM/KSRF, 1991; KCSN, 1996-99. Raechel hosts a weekend show at Cal State Northridge's campus station, KCSN.
Doram, Michelle KROQ 1991-1997 - Intern, Phones, Traffic, Promotion, Public Affairs Coordinator, Open Line Producer
Doug the Slug: KROQ, 1992-96 and 1997-99. In the summer of 1999, Sluggo now back at KROQ.
Dubois, Larry KROQ Intern, now owns recording studio in No. Cal.
Elliot, Don: KBLA/KBBQ, 1965-71; KIIS, 1971-72; KROQ, 1972; KEZY, 1973; KIQQ, 1974; KKDJ, 1975; KIIS, 1975-86; KFI/KOST, 1994-2000. Don is the house voice at all-Talk, KFI.
Evans, Darryl: KBLA, 1961-64; KXFV, 1966-67; KGFJ, 1968-69; KUTE, 1973 and 1975; KROQ, 1977 and 1980; XPRS, 1982-84; KIEV, 1992-96. Darryl specializes in Oldies music.
Evans, Don: KROQ, 1978-79.(Daryl Evans-EX-KROQer, currently advocate for disabled)
Evans, Mike: KFWB, 1964-65; KABC, early 70s; KBIG, 1972; KNAC, 1975-79; KABC, 1976-78; KROQ, 1979-89. Mike has been involved in sports broadcasting.
Flo and Eddie: KROQ, 1973-74; KMET, 1974-75. Members of the Turtles were part of the Fireside Show.
Fusion, Ken (Schneider): KCPR, 1983-84;KROQ, 1984-1990;KRVM, 1994-1997; Ken hosted the KROQ Kalendar from 1985-1990 and was local music director from 1987-1990. He now lives in Oregon and is a systems engineer for a large software co.
Gonzer, Jeff: KPPC, 1969-71; KMET, 1971-72; KLOS, 1972-76; KMET, 1976-86; KLSX, 1993-94; KSCA, 1995-97. Jeff is program director and works mornings at the Adult Rock format at Westwood One.
Goodman, Mark: KMPC/KEDG, 1988-89; KROQ, 1992-93; KYSR, 1996-97. MTV vj.
Gowa, Bob: KPPC, 1971; KYMS, 1971-72; XEPRS/XHIS/XHERS, 1974-75; KMET, 1976; KROQ, 1976-77; KWST, 1977-79. Bob is now living in the Santa Rosa area.
Groves, Larry: KKDJ, 1974-76; KEZY, 1976-78; KROQ, 1979-89. Larry manages CD's & More in Longview, Texas.
Halloran, Michael: wdet fm detroit 1977-1984, wlbs detroit 1984, wllz detriot 1985, wdtx detroit 1986, 91X san diego 1986-88, KROQ-FM 1988, 91X 1988-1996, kupr-1996, 92/5ive san diego 1998, Y-107 los angeles 1999, 2000
Hirschi, Dan: (Ex-ROQer - Now NPR in Utah)
Horn, Mike: KBBQ, 1971-72; KROQ, 1972; KFOX, 1973; KFI, 1973-76; KRLA, 1976-80; KIEV, 1985-93; KFI, 1994-95; KIKF, 1996. Mike owns Cable Radio Network, servicing over 14 million listeners in 29 states.
Jackson, J.J.: KLOS, 1969-80; KDAY, 1980; KWST, 1980; KROQ, 1987; KMPC/FM/KEDG, 1987-89; KLOS, 2000. J.J. works at Westwood One and joined KLOS for swing in March 2000.
Jacobs, Mike: (Rick Carroll's business partner)
Johnson, Ron: KPPC, 1971. Ron runs Dr. Sounds Audio Prescriptions, a service provided to those who need to locate songs for film and commercials.
Johnson, Van: KROQ, 1986-91. Unknown.
Kahlen, Brent: KROQ, 1978. Currently Debt Arbitrator
Kaiser, Kathleen KROQ 1976-1977 News and Promotions, Currently Digital Conference Promoter
Kaufman, Dawna KROQ 1977-1979, Dawna is a professional Crime writer
Kramer, Rhonda KFOX, 1979-80; KHJ, 1980-81. The veteran traffic reporter works at Shadow Broadcasting and has been heard at KFWB for years.
Jed the Fish: KORG; KROQ, 1978-84 and 1985-2000. Jed works afternoon drive at KROQ.
Koontz, Bob: (KROQ Tee Shirt, Now Disney Executive, KLOS,KABC,KDIS)
Laquidara, Charles: KPPC, 1968-69. In 1996 Charles left his long-time morning dj work at WBCN-Boston for cross-town WZLK.
Lee, Mike: KROQ, 1973. Mike is head of Brown Bag Productions in Denver.
Leonard, Jeff: (ex-Roommate, Audiophile, and KNX Traffic)
Lipman, Shari: KWIZ AM/FM MD; as Kate Willis at KCLB-FM Palm Springs & KROQ Fan
Lohr, Alan K.: KROQ, 1979-81. Currently teaching Voiceovers
Longden, Jerry: KEZY, 1964 and 1966; KNAC, 1969-72; KLOS, 1972-77; KWST, 1977-80; KEZY, 1978-79; KROQ, 1980; KGIL/FM, 1986-88. Jerry is living in Santa Rosa.
Mahler, Curt:  
Mallorus, Farley: The Horoscope Guy: KMET, KLSX, KROQ, did over 2,000 shows, with Ramondo, Blade, Poorman, John Logic, Doug the Slug, Rachel, April, Kevin, Bean, and Sam Freeze from 1983 to 1992,
Marquis, Young: KROQ. Hosted a Sunday night show at KROQ with Stanley Sheff. After his radio days, starred in Lobster Man from Mars and he appeared in Robo Cop 1 & 3. Now stars in the stage play, Queen of Outer Space.
Mason, Scott: KKDJ, 1974-75; KIQQ, 1975-76; KGBS/KTNQ, 1976-79; KROQ, 1979-2000. Scott is the operations director at KROQ. He is responsible for 45 stations managing their capital requests and dealing with engineering issues.
McArtor, Gene: (ex-KEZY)
McDonald, Don: (KD Radio)
McKeown, Kevin: KROQ, 1976-78. Kevin is in politics and serves on the Santa Monica City Council.
Mendoza, Mark: (
Murphy, Gayl: KROQ, 1977-80; KWST, 1980-81; KLOS, 1981-95. Gayl is a comedian appearing in clubs around the Southland.
Paulos, Cindy: KROQ, 1978. Cindy owns a production company and does syndicated radio in Maui
Pratt, Jim: KROQ, 1997; KYSR, 1997-2000. Jim is imaging director at "Star 98.7."
O'Hara, Russ: KGFJ, 1968; KRLA, 1969-72; KKDJ, 1972-74; KEZY, 1975-77; KROQ, 1979; KRLA, 1981-82; KRLA, 1992-93. Last heard, Russ was working in Palm Desert.
Perry, Les: KCRW, 1967-69; KPPC, 1969; KDAY, 1970; KVFM, 1971-74; KIEV, 1972-81; XPRS, 1973; KDAY, 1973; KROQ, 1973-74; KRLA, 1975; KLVE, 1975; XPRS, 1978-81; KRLA, 1983-84; KEZY, 1987-88; KWIZ, 1992-94; KMAX, 1994-95; KLAC, 1999-2000. Les coordinated the adul
Plum, Nancy: KYMS, 1973-74; KGBS/KTNQ, 1976-79; KHTZ, 1979; KMPC, 1979-80; KFAC, 1984; KFI, 1984-88; KLAC, 1988-91; KRTH, 1991-92; KYSR, 1992-93; KFWB, 1993; KRLA, 1994; KLSX, 1997. Nancy broadcasts news and traffic for Shadow Broadcast Services.
Pond, Bob: KGBS, 1968; KPPC, 1972-73; KPOL, 1972-75. Bob sells real estate in the San Fernando Valley from Century 21 (Vic Harvey Realtors) in Woodland Hills.
Poorman: KROQ, 1982-93; KIIS, 1995; KPWR, 1995; KACD, 1996-97. Jim Trenton, aka the Poorman, hosts a nightly tv show at on KRCA/Channel 62 called "Poorman's Bikini Beach."
Rabbit, Jimmy: KFI; KRLA, 1969-70; KLAC, 1971; KMET, 1971-72; KBBQ, 1972; KROQ, 1972-73; KMET, 1975; KGBS, 1975; KLAC, 1976; KROQ, 1976-78. In 1996, Jimmy is recording in West Colorado.
Rachtman, Riki: KNAC; KROQ, 1993-96; KLSX, 1996-97. Riki has been heard doing weekend overnights at KROQ. For two years he was a commentator for WCW Wrestling. Riki runs his own skateboarding company in Huntington Beach.
Ramirez, Al: KROQ; 1976-79; KLOS, 1979-2000. Al has been a mainstay at KLOS.
Ramondo: SEE Raymond Bannister
Randall, Chuck: KMET; KROQ, 1979-80; KLYY, 1999. Chuck lives in Pasadena, manages The Greatful Dead.
Raphone, Mike: KROQ, 1978-79. Currently All Media Advertising, Orange Co.
Reeb, Trip: KROQ, 1988-2000. The KROQ gm said of his station, "We haven't succeeded by compromising or homogenizing the radio station. I believe that KROQ is one of the most challenging stations anywhere in commercial radio."
Riley, Erin: KROQ 1979-1981, KTYD 1981-1983, WMMR 1983-1991, WSTW 1991-1992, WXPN 1992-1996 Exec. Director of NARAS 1996-1999, Presently Studio Mgr. Of Ruffnation/Warner Bros.
Roberts, Doug: SEE Doug the Slug
Roll, Robert: KROQ, 1981-85; KMET, 1985; KMPC/FM-1989. Robert is in tv production and has an active voiceover career doing spots for the LA Galaxy, LA Zoo and "member, FDIC"-type jobs.
Ruggeri, Rob "Tatoo" KEZY 1979-80, Palm springs 1980-84, KROQ 1984-89, 91X/89X/The Flash 1989-2000. Presently Internet Radio and Indy Production
Sala, Bob: KPPC, 1969-73; KROQ, 1978. Bob lives in Santa Rosa.
Salazar, Elizabeth: Ex-K-West, Now Manages Bobby Ocean, Inc.
Scott, Jon: (Record Exec. legend- T.J. Martell Foundation - Famous Rock n' Bowler)
Schuon, Andy: KROQ, 1989-92. In early 2000, Andy was named head of Universal's music group new Internet label, Farm Club.
Scwartz, Jon "Bermuda": (drummer for weird Al Yankovich - On tour)
Siegel, Joel: KPPC, 1970-71; KMET, 1971. Joel is the film critic on Good Morning America.
Shana: KHJ, 1976-78; KEZY, 1978-80; KROQ, 1980; KLOS, 1980-86; KLSX, 1986-95; KPCC, 1996-99. Shana is the GM of KSAK, Mt, San Antonio College.
Sheff, Stanley: KROQ, 1977-82. Stanley produces theatrical and film projects.
Smith, China: KDAY, 1971-72; KRLA, 1972-73; KROQ, 1973-74; KMET, 1974-75; KLOS, 1979; KWST, 1980-81; KMGG, 1983-84; KUTE, 1984-87; KTWV, 1989-91; KAJZ/KACD, 1992-96. KCBS, 1999-2000. China works swing at "Arrow 93."
Smith, Frazer: KROQ, 1976-79; KLOS, 1979-84; KMET, 1984-86; KLSX, 1986-97; KLOS, 1997. Frazer appears at comedy clubs in the Southland and works weekends at Westwood One's Adult Rock format.
Snakeskin, Freddy: KTNQ, 1977-78; KROQ, 1980-89; KOCM/KSRF, 1991; KROQ, 1990-93. Freddy works weekends and fill-in at KEDJ ("The Edge")-Phoenix. He's also doing shifts for Swedish Egil's
Stryker, Ted: KYSR, 1996-98; KROQ, 1998-2000. Ted works early evenings at KROQ.
Street, Dusty: KWST, 1977; KLOS, 1978; KROQ, 1979-86; KMET, 1986-87; KROQ, 1987-89; KLSX, 1990-94. Dusty is working at KXPT in Las Vegas.
Stevens, Shadoe: KHJ, 1970; KRLA, 1970-73; KROQ, 1973; KMET, 1974-75; KROQ, 1977-78. Shadoe appears frequently in tv
Tow, Harvey: KPPC, 1970-71; KCSN, 1976-83. Harvey was "Cousin Zino" at KPPC. He occasionally sits in for at KPPC and KCSN during the Old-Time radio broadcasts.
Wayne, Darrell: KEZY, 1972-74; KAGB, 1975; KHNY, 1975; KROQ, 1976-81. "Insane Darrell Wayne" Wampler buried disco albums at the beach as part of a disco funeral. Darrell lives in Ventura and he is vp of sales and marketing for an Aerospace manufacturer in Ventura County
Weatherly, Kevin: KROQ, 1993-99. Kevin is the program director at KROQ.
Webb. Stuart: (Fan)
Welsh, Pat : KROQ, 1979-84; KACD, 1995-96. Pat is a professional golfer.
West, Donald: KROQ, 1975-78. Donald has been practicing law in Orlando since the early 1980s.
West, Roland: KNAC, 1983-85; KROQ, 1986. Roland now works in San Francisco for the Island Def Jam Music Group.
Westwood, Denise: KNAC, 1977-80; KROQ, 1980-82; KMET, 1982-86; KNX/FM, 1986-89; KEDG, 1989; KLIT, 1990, Rock radio in San Diego 1990-2000, KLOS - Present.
Whitcomb, Ian: (Pop Star, Ex-KROQer, Ragtime Piano Player, audiofile)
Woodside, Larry: KROQ, 1980-81; KLOS. Larry is a single parent of two boys in Atascadero.
Zenor, Zachary: KPPC from 1968-71, KFMI 1971, KMET 1972,engineer at Earth New Radio (from about 1975-81), KROQ 1976-77, he also worked at CNN, MTV and Fox TV news.